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We are delighted to be part of this memorable milestone in the long and 
distinguished history of Middlesex Council No. 857, Knights of Columbus. 

We take great pride and pleasure, therefore, in welcoming to this 
Sixtieth Anniversary dinner-dance and celebration, many distinguished mem- 
bers of the clergy, civil government, neighbors, friends, and above all, our 
Brother Knights of Columbus, their wives, and families. 

We shall all look forward to spending some very pleasant hours 
together this evening, and we hope that the nicest of fond memories may be 
evoked by the words of our speakers, the beloved "old timers" of our Council, 
and the happy conversation at each table. 

Have a good time! 

The Committee 

Occfi 'DccUcatio^ 


were the sentiments of the founders of Middle- 
sex Council sixty years ago as they drew plans 
for the establishment of a new branch of the 

Himself, for their everlasting reward, many of 
our founding fathers. The memories which these 
members invoke are happy ones, crowding back 
from out of the past — creating a vast panorama 

young but rapidly spreading order of the Knights 
of Columbus. The young men who met with 
Father John J. Griifin and Father Richard T. 
Ryan were men of vision and hope; inspired with 
the ideals of Father Michael J. McGivney, the 
founder of the Knights of Columbus, they fore- 
saw a permanent foundation that would serve 
God, Church, Country, and fellow man with 
vigor and purpose. That their vision was ful- 
filled is perfectly evident today. 

Almighty God has rewarded our Council and 
its members abundantly through sixty sparkling 
years. In lean years and full years, our founding 
members and those who followed them served 
with purpose and devotion. And during six 
decades, God in His wisdom, has called back to 

of our history in the fleeting moment of the 
mind's eye. 

On March 13, 1964, the actual anniversary day 
of Middlesex Council, four of these wonderful 
men had still been spared to us. Five days later, 
on March 18th, Charter Member Maurice P. 
Dunigan returned to God. To our surviving 
Charter Members, Bernard A. Dunigan, B. 
Joseph Dunigan, and William A. Grace, as well 
as to the memory of Maurice Dunigan, we, the 
members of Middlesex Council, dedicate this 
volume with grateful affection and our prayers 
for the continued health, peace of mind, and 
Blessing which God alone can bestow on His 
favored sons. 

c/fv^od^ ^■(iW c^aMe/^ 

C^icUit' cTccrclatyj ^ the' cA^-w /e/'d^ t^ott^n/d ^ Oo-u</mvu4 

C^trvmy-iAe' Ka/uo/n-, c/fwreA- /J, /9^-f. 



United States of America 

April 7, 1964 

Dear Mr. Schoder: 

It is a very great pleasure for me to extend to the 
Grand Knight, officers and members of the Middlesex Council No. 857 
of the Krdghts of Columbus in Woodbridge, New Jersey, my heartiest 
congratulations and prayerful best wishes on the Sixtieth Jubilee of its 

During the past sixty years dedication and determi- 
nation have typified its members. Your Council has had a great devel- 
opment during these many years and no doubt a great number of people 
have profited from your unselfish work. May God continue to bless 
your efforts and reward your labors in His behalf. 

I join with all the Knights of Columbus in offering 
thanks in humility to Almighty God for His bounteous graces in the 
years that have passed, and a prayer in confidence that the future will 
be nnarked with particular benediction. 

With renewed felicitations and every abiding best 

vish, 1 remain 

Mr. Stewart A. Schoder. Jr. 
State Secretary 
Knights of Columbus 
Woodbridge, New Jersey 


April 25, 1964 

Middlesex Council No. 857 
Knights of Columbus 
Woodbridge, New Jersey 

My dear Sir Knights: 

The observance of the Sixtieth Anniversary of 
the founding of Middlesex Council No. 857, Knights of 
Columbus marks the beginning of a new chapter in its 

I extend sincere congratulations to Middlesex 
Council No. 857 on this notable event in the annals of 
the Order, the while 1 pray that the members will con- 
tinue the dedicated service to our Divine Lord and to 
our beloved Country which has brought such distinction 
over the years to the Knights of Columbus. 

Sincerely yours in Christ, 

Office of the Governor 

I take great pleasure in extending cordial greetings 
and heartiest congratulations to Middlesex Council No. 857, 
Knights of Columbus, on its sixtieth anniversary. 

Your organization has contributed much to the spiritual, 
cultural and civic life of your community during the past sixty years, 
and I am confident that the future will bring even greater ac- 
c orap 1 i shraent s . 

Ify best wishes to each of you. 


April, 1964 


1664 • 1964 


IS nights of (!Iolumbu0 

p. O. DRAWER I070. NEW HAVEN. CONN. 06907 

March 25, I96I4. 

Mr. Joseph Fedor, Grand Knight, 
Middlesex Council 857, 
36 Juliette Street, 
Hopelai-n, New Jersey. 

Worthy Grand Knight: 

I am very pleaspd to learn of the plans being made 
for the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the institution 
of Middlesex Council 857 and I regret that ray busy schedule precludes 
the privilege of being with you to Join in the program. 

This is an occasion that is of great interest to me as 
"uorerae Knight and one that should fill the hearts of all members of 
your council with pride and satisfaction. The men who brought about 
the institution of your council were pioneers in the real sense of the 
word. Against odds and challenges which do not exist today they 
persevered and established your council upon a firm foundation. It 
has been said that the past is prologue, study the past. If you would 
look for the euccess of our Order today you cast your eyes on the charter 
members an'' their successors who have guided it throu^ its long career 
and who have made major contributions to the interests of Holy Mother 
Church and the advancement of our beloved Order. 

Among the many dividends that will accrue from this 
sixtieth anniversary program is the opportunity to rededicate yourselves 
to the further advancement of the fraternal objectives of our founder. 
The Reverend Michael J. McGivney, whose dream of a fraternal benefit 
society was so brilliantly identified with the Jurisdiction of New 

>fy associated Supreme Officers and Directors extend to 
all of the members and guests who will be assembled our most sincere 
fraternal greetincs. 

Sincerely your^ 

//-,- ^' 
Supreios Knlj 

JWMcD imeb 




April 10, 1964 

Stewart A. Schoder, Jr., Secretary 
New Jersey State Council 
Knights of Columbus 
44 Stony Road 
Edison, New Jersey 

Dear Mr. Schoder: 

The Woodbridge governing body extends 
to the members of Middlesex Council No. B57, Knights 
of Columbus their most sincere congratulations on 
your Sixtieth anniversary. 

You have been a wonderful asset to 
your community during the last sixty years and have 
contributed greatly to its development both spiritually 
and non-spiritually. 

We are very confident that your next 
sixty years will be just as fruitful as the first 

Again our sincere congratulations and 
best wishes for the future. 


■^ I ^ 




Walter ZirpojUS 


iLmglifs oi Ooliiiiilbiuis 



I I 


tinn otrvn 

403 tm»M Av««»« 

, H. y 

Harch 2o, I964 

To The Members of idddlesex Council IIo. S57: 

I ar.i pleased to send to you, on the occasion 
of the celebration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of 
;;iddlesex Council, ray warm and hearty congratulations 
on your notable successes achieved under the inspired 
leadership of your distinguished Past Grand Knights. 

The expansion of our Order in your community 
through increased membership in your Council, and 
the vigor with which you have met the goals of our 
Six Point Program augurs well for continued success 
in the future . 

V/ith sincere best wishes, I am 

Fraternally yours, 

Charles ..'. Gardner 
State Deputy 


1904 'Z 1964 

April 7, 1964 

To the Members 
Middlesex Council No. 857 
Knights of Columbus 
Woodbridge, New Jersey 

Dear Brother Knights: 

We of Middlesex Council No. 857 are celebrating this year the 
60th Anniversary of our founding. 

The Council Home and reputation of Middlesex Council No. 857 
Is a monument to the fine leadership of the Past Grand Knights, officers, 
and members during the past 60 years. 

Brothers, let us ever be united in the work of our order and 
forever maintain Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism to each 
other and to all men. 


Joseph G. Fedor, Grand Knight 


Grace Rev. William A. Roos, Council Chaplain 

Toastmaster Stewart A. Schoder, Jr., P.G.K., State Secretary 

Welcome Joseph G. Fedor, Grand Knight 

Remarks Hon. Walter Zirpolo, Mayor of Woodbridge Township 

Remarks J. Joseph Grace, Senior Past Grand Knight 

Presentation of Guests 

Address Charles W. Gardner, State Deputy 

Remarks Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles G. McCorristin, V. F., State Chaplain 

Address Daniel L. McCormick, K. S. G., Supreme Director 

Closing Grace . . . Rev. Stanislaus Milos, Pastor, St. Anthony's Church, Port Reading 

Dinner Music Henry Karmazin 

Dancing to the Music of Eddie Paulson and his Stylists 

Most Rev. George W. Ahr, S. T. D. 

Bishop of Trenton 
Most Rev. James J. Hogan, D. D. 

Auxiliary Bishop of Trenton 
Hon. Richard J. Hughes 

Governor of New Jersey 
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Chas. G. McCorristin, V.F. 

State Chaplain 
Rt. Rev. Msgr. William P. Leahy, V.F. 
Rev. William Roos, Council Chaplain 
Rev. Donald Reilly 
Rev. Vincent Lenyi 
Rev. Stanislaus Milos 
Rev. John Eagan 
Rev. Joseph Brzozowski 
Rev. Walter Radziwon 
Rev. John Wilus 
Rev. John Onesko 
Hon. Edward J. Patten 

Member of Congress 
Hon. Walter Zirpolo 

Mayor of Woodbridge Township 
Mr. Daniel L. McCormick, K. S. G. 

P.S. D. .Supreme Director, K.ofC. 
Mr. Charles W. Gardner, State Deputy 
Mr. Stewart A. Schoder, Jr., State Secy. 
Mr. Francis J. Dailey, State Treas. 
Mr. William F. Bolan, State Advocate 
Mr. Frank J. Brady, State Warden 

^wKtcd ^ue^^ 

Mr. John Granelli, District Deputy 
Mr. Peter P. McCann, Jr., Dist. Deputy 
Mr. Joseph G. Fedor, Grand Knight 
Mr. J. Joseph Grace, 

Senior Past Grand Knight 
Mr. William D. Stillwell 

Master of the Fourth Degree 
Mr. Joseph Lardiere 

Faithful Navigator 
Mr. Joseph J. Carlin 

Past State Deputy 
Mr. William J. Boman 

Past State Deputy 
Mr. Nicholas Ballo 

Chairman, Chapter 4 K. of C. 
Mr. George L. Brennan, P. G.K. 

Past District Deputj' 
Mrs. Norbert Jost, Grand Regent 

C. D. of A. No. 769 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Dunigan 
Mr. B. Joseph Dunigan 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Grace 
Mrs. John Concannon 
Mrs. Arthur Delaney, Sr. 
Mrs. Maurice P. Dunigan 
Mrs. Paul Olbrieht 
Mrs. David F. Pender 
Mrs. John F. Rvan. Sr. 


Woodbridge, New Jersey, U.S.A., AIl-Amer- 
ican City as designated by an impartial panel of 
has changed. To the 
casual visitor returning 
to town after an ab- 
sence, let's say, of twen- 
ty years, a walk up Main 
Street or along Amboy 
Avenue would be en- 
lightening if not a bit 
saddening. Many old, 
familiar landmarks have 
gone, and the product 
of a new generation — 
the stone, steel, and neon — have replaced them. 
Gone are the familiar elms, the open fields, many 
of the rambling high old houses, but to our vis- 
itor, approaching from the south along Amboy 
Avenue, the house at the northwest corner of 
the Main Street intersection looks just about the 
same, except for a fresh face and well manicured 
yard. The back yard has changed, it's true, but 
the house-turned-Club — the "Elias house" as it 
has been referred to for many years following 
its purchase by the Knights in 1921, still looks 
on the busy scene unperturbed, with a renewed. 

youthful vigor. 130 Main Street is the address 
of the Knights of Columbus in Woodbridge, as 
it has been for forty- 
three years. Let's stop 
in and visit with the 
owners for a talk about 
by-gone days. 

The revered founder 
of the Knights in Wood- 
bridge, Father John J. 
Griffin, met the K. of C. 
for the first time in Sep- 
tember, 1903, at the in- 
vitation of the pastor 
in Phillipsburg, Wood- 
bridge-born Father Richard T. Ryan. The Order 
made a lasting impression on him so that by 
1904, he had outlined its work to the charter 
committee, and together they formed the nucleus 
of the new Council 857. On Sunday afternoon, 
March 13, 1904, State Deputy Thomas Fay, Dis- 
trict Deputy Dr. P. P. Rafferty of Red Bank, and 
many other distinguished guests witnessed the 
First, Second, and Third Degrees to launch the 
new Council in Phillips Hall. The ornate gilt 
frame that was purchased to protect the Charter 
for four dollars in September, 1904, still today 

serves the same purpose. During its first year, 
Middlesex Council received a letter of invitation 
from St. Louis Council extending the hospitality 
of our St. Louis brothers to all New Jerseyans 
visiting the St. Louis World's Fair. In the early 
days. District Deputies visited their councils by 
trolley car, and the Supreme Council issued spe- 
cial risk insurance to Supreme Council delegates 
to offset the perils and risks involved in early 
century travel. In April, 1906, the terrifying 
earthquake which shook San Francisco also 
stirred the emotions of the Woodbridge Knights, 
and they donated twenty-five dollars from 
their modest treasury to the Supreme Council's 
Relief fund. 

The first members to take the Fourth Degree 
went to Jersey City in September, 1906, and 
later, they advised the Council of the benefits of 
joining N. J. Chapter No. 7 after hearing the 
advantages of the Chapter's College Endowment 
Fund. The Council generously donated funds to 
St. James' Church, and a close relationship was 
established with the priests at Woodbridge which 
has never ceased. The chapter of the Council's 
first ten years closes with reports of the first of 
many successful fairs and the purchase of prop- 
erty on Main Street near the old Woodbridge 
National building on which the Council home 
was to be built. 

In 1917, war was declared, and among the 
many Knights responding to the call to arms was 
the Grand Knight, Thomas Cody, and the Coun- 
cil Treasurer, Edward M. Kelly, who was killed 
in France in 1918. The Knights left behind were 
deeply involved in patriotic efforts at the Colonia 
General Army Hospital and more especially, at 
risk of life, in caring for hundreds of victims of 
the killing influenza epidemic of 1917-1918. In 
1919, the Knights moved into their first Club- 
house, the site of St. James" old rectory on 
Amboy Avenue. As a result, the Twenties were 
gay and happy years for the Knights in their 
new home. Seidler's Beach, Mutton Hollow, and 
Brandt Beach were popular spots for clam bakes 
and all-day picnics. It was during the early twen- 
ties that Middlesex Council contributed to the 
purchase of an automobile for the use of the 
State Deputy in his ever-increasing round of offi- 
cial duties and visitations. In 1924, the Knights 
helped in the organization of Court Mercedes 
No. 769, Catholic Daughters of America, and in 
1926, the Fourth Degree Assembly was begun 
with John Ryan as the first Navigator. On April 

13, 1921, Middlesex Council further distin- 
guished itself by joining, as the fourth unit in 
the United States, the National Council of Cath- 
olic Men — a relationship that has remained 
staunch and devoted through all the years. The 
annual Retreat was commenced in 1927 at San 
Alfonso, and a few of our members — princi- 
pally Arthur F. Geis and John M. Mullen — 
have an almost unbroken record of consecutive 
annual retreats. 1929 was the Silver Jubilee year 
— • a successful one that closed in November with 
a monstrous carnival and Ford coupe raffle. This 
was the last good year for the Council for almost 
a decade. The crash had occurred just the month 
before, and during the ensuing thirties, it was 
necessary to organize employment committees 
and devise other methods by which members 
could remain in the good graces of the Council. 
By 1934, however, there was some improvement 
in the national picture, and as a result new mem- 
bers began to apply, charitable donations were 
again undertaken, and some social life was begun 
anew. New Jersey Chapter No. 4 was instituted 
during this period with Past Grand Knight 
Joseph Grace as its first President. In 1941, Past 
Grand Knight Michael Conole died, the first 
Past Grand Knight to be lost to the Council. 
Great sadness was felt in the Club at the con- 
clusion of the Second World War in the loss of 
Brothers Bernard J. Dunigan, Jr., and Joseph M. 
Grady. During the war, special prayers for the 
servicemen's safety were said; blood was donat- 
ed; gift packages were sent frequently to the 

f?Wd« ^oU 


John F. Campion 
J. H. Concannon 
Michael P. Conole 
Arthur J. Delaney 
John A. Dunn 
James F. Dunne 
Bernard A. Dunigan 
B. Joseph Dunigan 
Maurice P. Dunigan 
James P. Gerity 

Richard P. Grace 
William A. Grace 
M. R. Holohan 
Joseph A. Howell 
James P. Hughes 
Loviis C. Jelicks 
Patrick J. Kenna 
Michael Leahy 
H. F. McCarthy 

Edward J. Mooney 
Patrick Murtagh 
Paul P. Olbricht 
David F. Pender 
E. L. Romond 
John F. Ryan 
Lawrence C. Ryan 
Patrick J. Ryan 
William A. Ryan 


John F. Ryan 
James P. Gerity 
Richard P. Grace 
M. R. Holohan 
Jacob W. Grausam 
Michael P. Conole 
Thomas Cody 
Michael J. Coll 
P. H. Gallagher 
J. Joseph Grace 
George T. O'Brien 
Arthur F. Geis 
Andrew D. Desmond 
William J. Fenton 

Christian J. Witting 
John J. Powers 
Alfred J. Coley 
John F. Ryan, Jr. 
Henry K. Miller 
J. B. Dunigan 
William D. Boylan 
William J. Grausam 
Patrick L. Ryan 
John J. Gregus 
Richard T. Ryan 
Stephen J. Kager 
David F. Gerity 
Edward Leonard 

Robert Holzheimer 
John Fofrich 
William Haug, Jr. 
Carl Herzog 
Stewart A. Schoder, Jr. 
Joseph Novotnik 
John Papp 
Albert Strish 
William F. DeJoy 
Peter P. McCann 
Robert Muchanic 
Andrew Pogany 
Joseph Fedor (Current) 


John F. Ryan 
Patrick L. Ryan 
William J. Grausam 
George Reilly 
Harry Burke 
Joseph Novotnik 

Dr. Gerard Goodman 
John Annesi 
James Keating 
Robert Holzheimer 
William Holohan 
John Fofrich 
Joseph Lardiere (current) 

Leo Menard 
John Palinsky 
William Haug, Jr. 
Carl Herzog 
Stewax't A. Schoder, Jr. 
John Papp 

J. Joseph Grace William J. Grausam Nicholas Ballo (current) 


James P. Gerity 
J. Joseph Grace 

J. B. Dunigan 
William J. Grausam 
Peter P. McCann (current) 

Robert Holzheimer 
Stewart A. Schoder, Jr. 

numlxTS and others from the Towiisliip who 
were in service. Welfare work was done at 
Ruritan Arsenal; the Cllubhouse was turned over 
for Citizen's Defense work; medical supplies 
were stixkpilcd in tiie Club; scrap metal was col- 

Monsignor. On August 2S, 19iS, the parish, 
amply assisted by the Knights, paid tribute to 
our new Monsignor with a gigantic dinner at the 
Pines. The following year, Monsignor McCor- 
ristin was made Dean of the Clergy of Middle- 

! 1 ♦ f t 

» y *_ 


Seated, left to right — William Haug, Jr., Acting Financial Secretary; Arthur Anderson, Chancellor; 
Rev. William A. Roos, Chaplain; Joseph G. Fedor, Grand Knight; Emil J. Lollo, Deputy Grand Knight; 
Bert G. Mosenthine, Treasurer. Standing — Nicholas DaPrile, Lecturer; Charles Seymour, Advocate; 
Peter McCann, Trustee; Joseph Gougeon, Inside Guard; James Patten, Outside Guard; Leonard 
Walters, Warden; Philip J. Boyle, Recorder; Robert Muchanic, Trustee; Andrew Pogany, Trustee. 

John M. Mullen, Financial Secretary 

lectcd; defense bonds purchased; the club facili- 
ties opened to all servicemen. 

On August 9, 1950, the first Grand Knight of 
the Council, John F. Ryan, Sr., was called to his 
eternai reward, leaving behind a rich heritage 
and sense of leadership that are an inspiration 
to the members in Woodbridge. 

Since the end of the second war, the Council 
has had a number of occasions to celebrate happy 
events. In 1937, St. James' Church was blessed 
with a new pastor. Father Charles G. McCorris- 
tin. In Father McCorristin, the people of Wood- 
bridge found a strong spiritual leader and an 
excellent administrator. The parish prospered 
and grew, and the physical plant was refurbished 
and extended. In July, 1948, the late Pope Pius 
XII honored the pastor who had worked so long 
and diligently for his parish, with the honor of 
Domestic Prelate and the title of Right Reverend 

sex and Somerset Counties, and shortly there- 
after a Diocesan Consultor to the Most Reverend 
Bishop. On June 5, 1951, the Knights honored 
Monsignor McCorristin at a dinner to celebrate 
his fortieth anniversary of ordination, and on 
May 30, 1961, had the great honor to assist with 
Monsignor McCorristin in celebrating his Golden 
Jubilee as a priest in the apostolic work of sav- 
ing souls. This year, 1964, also sees the thirty- 
fifth anniversary of State Chaplaincy of the 
Knights of Columbus in New Jersey by our 
beloved Monsignor — a record without equal 
anywhere else in the Order. AD MULTOS 

On Saturday evening, March 14, 1954, the 
members of Middlesex Council gathered with 
their families and friends at the Pines to cele- 
brate the Golden Jubilee of the Council. The 
evening was a gala one, well attended, and a 

real mark on the pages of the Council's history. 
Many distinguished members of the Church, 
State Council, and government were present to 
make the event a lasting one in the minds of all 
who attended. 

The following year, to honor Middlesex Coun- 
cil for its half-century of distinguished labor 
for Columbianism, State Deputy Frank J. Ott 
appointed Deputy Grand Knight Stewart A. 
Schoder, Jr., to be State Chairman of Catholic 
Activities for the State Council, an appointment 
repeated for three terms. In 1957, P.G.K. Scho- 
der was nominated by State Deputy Daniel L. 
McCormick, K.S.G., to the position of District 
Deputy, and the following year, our Past Grand 
Knight was elected to the office of State Warden, 
the first of Middlesex Council's Past Grand 
Knights to achieve such rank. In the intervening 
years, Brother Schoder has served two terms as 
the State Warden, and two terms as the State 
Treasurer. He is now completing his second 
term as State Secretary and next month, at the 
annual State Convention in Atlantic City, will be 
the State Council Organization's candidate for 
the office of State Deputy. The office of State 
Deputy is the highest elected office in the state. 
The holder of the office is responsible for the 
work of the Knights of Columbus throughout 
the entire state — its growth and prosperity, and 
is the immediate representative of the Supreme 
Knight and Council in the doings of the Order. 
We are proud of the contributions made by one 
of our own to State-wide Columbianism and of 
the honor which has come to Middlesex Council 
during its Sixtieth Anniversary. 

For many years the Club has operated an 
annual carnival to raise the funds that are 
required to undertake the many charities in 
which we participate. The modern carnival idea 
was first promoted by Past Grand Knight Wil- 
liam J. Grausam on a modest scale, run on the 
Club grounds for three days, and returned a 
small but useful fund for charity. Through the 
years, however, Chairman Grausam and his many 
helpers, prime of whom we must mention are 
Past Grand Knights William J. Haug, Jr., and 
John Fofrich, our Financial Secretary of twenty- 
five years standing, John M. Mullen, and the 
current Grand Knights of the time, their experi- 
ence broadened and sharpened, have created a 
gigantic. Township-wide, week-long Carnival on 
fair grounds generously supplied by Monsignor 
McCorristin, just opposite the Club on Main 

Street, with dozens of rides, nightly attractions, 
and booths and arenas of amusement that chal- 
lenge John Ringling North's Greatest Show on 
Earth. Through Bill Grausam's unselfish leader- 
ship, the Club has been the beneficiary of the 
results of this very difficult undertaking, with the 
result that we are able to spread assistance near 
and far as it is requested. 

Middlesex Council met for the first twelve 
years in old Phillips Hall. Later, it met in the 
Farrell house, which we know as the old St. 
James' Rectory. In July, 1921, the present Club 
was purchased. It is a tribute to the membership 
of Middlesex Council, that through good and 
bad times alike, the Clubhouse has been main- 
tained in excellent condition and repair. The 
site of the Clubhouse was that of Manning's Inn, 
in which, on April 22, 1789, George Washing- 
ton, on his way to New York for his inaugura- 
tion, spent the night. During the depression, 
House Chairman John F. Killeen used the mem- 
bers' services in repairing and caring for the Club 
and grounds in exchange for the payment of 
membership dues, and paid also a modest salary, 
thus conserving the members and keeping them 
together, while retaining the dignity and display 
of the grounds and building. In the past few 
years, major improvements have been made, with 
first, under P.G.K. John Papp's guidance and 
P.G.K. William J. Haug, Jr.'s direction, the new 
addition raised to the rear of the property and 
fulfilling a long desire to have enough space to 
accommodate the growing membership, their 
meetings, and social affairs. A glance at the pic- 
ture of the Club will indicate how well the addi- 
tion was planned to fit into the decor and archi- 
tectural style of the original building. Just a few 
months ago, a major renovation of the grill was 
completed, the results of which are indicated in 
photographs in this booklet, but which must be 
seen to be fully appreciated. Unselfish, dedicat- 
ed, and loyal members have worked long and 
hard for these many improvements — Grand 
Knight Joseph Fedor, Past Grand Knights Bill 
Dejoy, Andy Pogany, and many others have 
donated themselves without stint. We might 
add at this point, that no electrical renovation 
was made, or building undertaken without the 
generous help and hard work, at great sacrifice, 
of P.G.K. John Fofrich. During the Christmas 
season, the crib scene is displayed on our corner 
with appropriate lighting and music, and all year 
long, the shrine to Our Lady of Fatima is a devo- 

Seatecl left to right — Joseph Lardiere, Faithful Navigator; Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles G. McCornstin, Faithful 
Friar; William Lebeda, Faithful Captain. Standing — Frank Bopp, Faithful Purser; Walter Tokarski, Faithful 
Scribe; Philip Boyle, Faithful Outside Sentinel; Joseph LoUo, Faithful Inside Sentinel; John Kostick, Faithful 
Comptroller; John Papp, Faithful Admiral; Philip Mioelli, Faithful Pilot. 

tional reminder to everyone who passes on busy 
Main Street that the Knights of Columbus is an 
organization of Catholic men. 

We look back on the sixty years with a deep 
sense of pride in achievement; with a sharp feel- 
ing of grief for the losses which we have sus- 
tained; with an unbending dedication to the 
principles of the Knights of Columbus to which 
each Knight pledges his allegiance: The Charity 
which the Council has shown to those less for- 
tunate who need, who despair, despite their 
color, race, or creed; the Unity which weaves a 
golden thread through the Knights, keeping 
them staunch and fearless defenders of the rights 
of Holy Mother Church, while standing ready, 
at a moment's notice to rush to their Country's 
defense; the Fraternity that binds friends and 
neighbors, fathers and sons and brothers, all 
fellow-Catholics together in the family of the 

one, true Church; the Patriotism that stirs the 
emotions, the hearts, the loyalties of each mem- 
ber — the same virtues by which three members 
in two wars lived by and fell by, and lightened 
the terrors of war for countless others from our 
Council; the same vir- 
tues that rode with our 
Brother Philip J. Boyle, 
a veteran crew member 
of the U.S.S. Nautilus, 
the first nuclear subma- 
rine to pass submerged 
under the North Pole. 
■We look forward to the 
future if the past is a 
measure of our worth. 
May God bless us in 
our work. 

^etf(mct t^ ^^MKCii 


State Secretary, New Jersey State Council, Knights of Columbus. 
Formerly State Treasurer and State Warden. Past District Deputy, and 
former State Catholic Activities Chairman. Past Grand Knight Middle- 
sex Council. Past Faithful Navigator Reverend John J. Griffin Assembly, 
Fourth Degree. Former President, Woodbridge Columbian Club. 


District Deputy, New Jersey State Council, Knights of Columbus, 
District No. 17. Recipient of special State Ceremonial Committee award 
for assistance in District Degree Team work. Past Grand Knight, Mid- 
dlesex Council. Former President, Woodbridge Columbian Club. Past 
President, Middlesex Council Bowling League. 


Supreme Council Insurance Representative State Convention Golf 
Tournament Chairman. Co-Chairman, Cardio-Pulmonary Fund, N. J. 
Chapter No. 4, K. of C. Athletic Chairman, N. J. Chapter No. 4, K. of 
C. Past Grand Knight, Middlesex Council. Former President Woodbridge 
Columbian Club. Past President, Middlesex Council Bowling League. 


Member State Council Athletic Activity Committee. Past President 
N. J. K. of C. Bowling League. Past Representative, K. of C. Supreme 
Bowling League. Past Grand Knight Middlesex Council. Past Faithful 
Navigator Reverend John J. Griffin Assembly, Fourth Degree. Former 
President, Woodbridge Columbian Club. Past President, Middlesex Coun- 
cil Bowling League. 


Member State Council Fraternity Activity Committee. Past Grand 
Knight Middlesex Council. Former President, Woodbridge Colum- 
bian Club. 


General Co-Chairmen William J. Grausam, P. G. K. , P. F. N. 

P.D.D., P.C.C. 
William J. Haug, Jr. , P. G. K. , P. F. N. 

Reservations William F. DeJoy, P. G. K. , Chairman 

Entertainment John Fofrich, P. G. K. , P. F. N. , Chairman 

Dinner E. Joseph Lollo, D. G. K. , Chairman 

Leonard Walters, Assistant Chairman 

Guests Joseph G. Fedor, G. K. 

Program John Gregus, P, G. K. 

60th Anniversary Booklet Stewart A. Schoder, Jr. , S. S. , Editor 

Nicholas Urban, Photography 

Sponsors Arthur Anderson, Chairman 

Advisory J. Joseph Grace, P.G. K., P.D.D., P.C.C. 

Publicity Philip J. Boyle 

Reception Joseph Lardiere, P. G. K. , F. N. , Chairman 


The Committee Chairmen, members of the various sub-committees, and the 
members of Middlesex Council take this short opportunity to pay very special 
thanks to our two Co-Chairmen for the Sixtieth Anniversary celebration. Past 
Grand Knights William J. Haug, Jr. and William J. Grausam. 

We read elsewhere in this booklet of the achievements of these two outstanding 
members of the Council in other activities at other times and under other circum- 
stances. Leadership and ability are basic requirements to organize, direct, and 
bring to fulfillment, a celebration such as this. That our Sixtieth Anniversary is 
a success is plainly evident. And it is small tribute to Bill Grausam and Bill 
Haug, Jr. to recognize with grateful appreciation, their contribution again tonight 
to the cause of Columbianism. 


Frederick M. Adams 

Nat and Mae Bernstein 

Helen and Frank Bopp 

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Boylan 

Helen and Harry Burke 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Campagna 

Court Mercedes No. 769, CD. A. 

Gilda and Bill DeJoy 

Betty and Joe Fedor 

Mr. and Mrs. David Gerity 

Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Gerity 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grace 

Mary and Bill Grausam 

Greiner Funeral Home 

Tom and Kathleen Han rah an 

Mr. and Mrs. William Haug, Jr. 

Grace and Bob Hozheimer 

Mary and John lUes 

Mary and Steve Kager 

Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy 

Ladies Auxiliary Div. #8, A. O. H. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lardiere 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Logan 

Jule and Joe Lollo 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCann 

Mr. and Mrs. V. W. McDonnell 

Don and Doris Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Miller 

Charlotte and Harold Mortensen 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muchanic 

Louise Policastro and John Papp 

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pogany 

Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ryan 

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Schoder 

Paul Sisan 

Joseph Sisko, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Somers 

Eva and Michael Tympanick 

Woodbridge Lions Club 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zirpolo 


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson 
Mr. and :Mrs. N. J. Barcellona 
Phillip Boy It- 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Casey. Jr 
Esther and Frank Cheh 
Patrick Coogan 
Mary and Patrick Cruise 
Ann and Nicholas DaPrile 
Charlotte and Arthur Delaney 
Olga and Alex Enik 
Mr. and Mrs. John Fofrich 
A Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F.Gerity 
James P. Gerity 
Margaret and Ray Gerity 
Tess and Low Gerity 
Georgianne and Gene Gougeon 
Mary and Joseph Gougeon 
May and Mill Haug. Sr. 
Mr. and INIrs. Harry V. Hines 


Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keating 

Miss Margaret A. Kelly 

Betty and John Kostick 

Mr. and Mrs. Lebeda 

Dotty and Steve Lucina 

Elsie and Vince McDonnell 

Kathleen and Frank Majewski 

Mildred and Jim Mullen 

Elizabeth Ryan Noe 

Julia and John Palinsky 

Anna May and Lou Plisko 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Powers 

Sis and Bill Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Romond 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Soga 

Emily and Al Strish 

Anna and Walter Tokarski 

Helen and Lenny Walters 

Margaret and Frank Wassel 


Mr. and Mrs. John Chirico 

Joseph Conlan 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick DaPrile 

James Desmond 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fauble 

Arlene Georgio 

Mr. and Mrs. William Gerity 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Handerhan 

Mr. and Mrs. William Haug, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jordan, Jr. 

James Keating 

William J. Kilgallin 

Phyllis and Larry Lucas 

James Maloney 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mangione 

Josephine and Peter McCann 

William McHugh 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Messick, Jr. 

Dorothy and Bert Mosenthine 

George M. Mosenthine 

Ronald Pajak 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Patten 

Lyman Peck 

Mr. and Mrs. John Powers, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymore 

Ziga Tobak 

Leonard Walters 

Albert F. Wronski 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zilai 

^^ '7ftcma%ca^ 


35th President of the United States 

Member of Bunker Hill Council, K. of C. 

Member of Bishop Chevrus Assembly, Fourth Degree 

Our distinguished young Catholic President was unmercifully struck 
down in Dallas on November 22, 1963, by an assassin's bullet. No other 
national tragedy did more to focus the world's eyes on the peace and 
tranquility of Catholicism than this. A saddened world will always 
remember him. 
"Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him, O Lord." 


Supreme Knight 

Knight Grand Cross, Order of St. Gregory the Great 
Secret Chamberlain of Cape and Sword 

Our beloved Supreme Knight sponsored the well known Catholic 
Advertising program; the microfilming of the Vatican library; the con- 
tribution of the Knight's Tower and carillon at the Shrine of the Immac- 
ulate Conception in Washington; and the addition of the words "under 
God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. He pursued his usual long daily 
schedule until the day before he died on February 19, 1964. 
"May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him." 


Supreme Secretary 
Knight Grand Officer, Order of St. Gregory the Great 

A true friend and loyal counsellor to the thousands of Knights who 
knew him, our Supreme Secretary conducted the operation of the Supreme 
Council and Office with dignity and efficiency. His deep voice and warm 
heart and gentle spirit will be sadly missed in the years ahead. He died 
February 2, 1964. 
"May His Soul Rest In Peace." 

We pay tribute to these Brothers of our Order 
of national and international prominence, and 
in their eulogy, recall the many, many saintly 
members of our own Council who have returned 
to God. Our hearts are heavy in remembrance. 
All but three Charter Members have died. 
Twelve of our Past Grand Knights are gone. 
Hundreds of members no longer answer the roll 
call. The wisdom they imparted, the example 

they gave, the loyalty and devotion that marked 
them, will never be forgotten in these chambers 
as long as Knights of Columbus gather. Their 
work is a tribute to Columbianism and to the 
Catholic Church. We pray to Almighty God 
that He will be merciful to these Brother 
Knights, and that their reward will be everlast- 
ing in Heaven. 



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f/f'f>'//j/r/fri/r/r/V/if/ri'/r////f//.Jff/f/ '^]Oob\K\b^^' //J/f/'//f//t///r/n'//y/f'/'r/r'i ///'( 
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/f'//f</r//if/ /!//////■// y//i/// //if /I //■ ai.)/ ////■//• f//i// //■/■'//' /fj // ///////////// rr/ij//7////// Y r/oif// 
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/ro//,c/ Mr ('JMii fYtmt//f /r ////■ f/.ifi///:) //////' C^///ti /'/'///'/■ .'/i/iff//!/.) f'/i'' f///////'/f.i; 
/f f'Xfir//if//i //i/ii' /ii/'//ifrU .i/fr/i /(/:) ai ////// .i/i//// ///f/i/f jim.iu/'/i/ /ci //ir J/////i/i'// 
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jri7// ///// i/.)/iir/ ti//' /<(///'/i/i/iri.) {j/ift/i»///i// /ir//i //i/ ■ )/////'///// 7 f///irfY {'/ //if 
'■'/ff//f//ll.) f/fjo//f//l/'/f.J. 

• ZliM/f/flfJI 1/ '///lf''tff/'.'//r L,r /,'rmw/t, „//,'.rn/ «„> ,)»„„J „„</<■, J/,',- J,,,/',/'//,', . lff/ff/fff//'f/ 




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